You just have to keep breathing

The more things change, the more things stay the same.

It feels like now, more than ever, this sentiment has never rang
more true. We all want to live in a world surrounded by love and
beauty. A world where we feel safe. A world where we are seen,
respected, and cared for. And as much as possible, a world with as
little suffering and pain as possible.

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Einstein: The Negro Question (1946)

A large part of our attitude toward things is conditioned by opinions and emotions which we unconsciously absorb as children from our environment. In other words, it is tradition—besides inherited aptitudes and qualities—which makes us what we are. We but rarely reflect how relatively small as compared with the powerful influence of tradition is the influence of our conscious thought upon our conduct and convictions.

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Bodies of Color do experience sex and pleasure differently

Yes, for many of us, our bodies of Color do experience sex and pleasure differently. Our bodies are not solely genes and biology, but also the histories written on them and the myriad ways we have to navigate the world differently than White people, particularly for those of us who are racially Black and marked immediately as “Other.” Let us first remind you and everyone reading we still fight to this day to be seen as human beings. From the historical misuse and abuse of the bodies of women of Color in this country and abroad; to the current murders of trans women of Color because of how their gender, assigned sex at birth, and race intersect; the numerous Black men murdered by law enforcement; and the vast number of Native women who disappear and are murdered each year with no national outcry.

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