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When have you felt the healthiest, strongest, and/or happiest in your life?

What did it feel like?

What do you need to get back on track?

Melissa DanielleIt’s hard trying to carve out an hour or more to imagine what’s possible for our health, relationships, and community, let alone follow through on it. It’s even harder to put our ideas into action if we don’t have a model for success or the right kind of support to keep up and keep going.

As a coach, I work with artists, lovers, and community builders who understand that getting to the next level in their already successful and full lives requires a new level of thinking and being. They understand that continuously investing in their personal growth and making health and sustainability an integral part of their life is key to creating deeper connections, more impact, and more money.

Would you like to…
…understand your own personal nutrition and physical needs so that you show up energized and engaged in your day to day?
…speak truth to your desires for deeper intimacy and great sex without fear, guilt, or shame?
…leverage your creativity, networks, and technology to build relationships and sustain your projects?
…learn how to put your oxygen mask on first so that you can make a bigger impact without burning out or selling out?

I offer small group coaching and workshops and one-on-one coaching by phone and in person from March through November.

If you’re ready to play a bigger game for your life, I invite you to join me.

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About me:

I’m the founder of Honeybee Holistic, NYLocavore, and Bed-Stuy Bounty.

At the intersection of the arts, humanities, and sciences, I’ll be the one giving out hugs, eating a BLT, drinking a green smoothie, and tweeting about it.

I like to cuss.

Yes, cuss.

And chant sacred mantras.

A life enthusiast, I advocate for personal truth, radical honesty, pleasure, desire, self-care, local food, spending time in nature, and living more with less.

I’m crunchy, but not all that communal.

Find me on Linkedin, Twitter, and Google+ or call 347-927-2855.