Hello, It’s Me.

I'm a coach, community builder, wander woman, and aspiring polymath. I instigate conversations on food, sex, and intimacy for continuous personal growth. I build community around food, farmers, and food makers. I advocate for local living economics, cooperative self-reliance, and asset-based community development.

I get shit done, and I charge a lot for it.

But mostly, I'm just here for the food.

I'm available as a coach or consultant for personal and professional projects. I work in the cloud, but you're welcome to fly me to wherever you are to help you with your project.

I’m currently accepting clients who’d like to clean up their eating habits and learn to take better care of themselves without dieting and deprivation.

Interested? You can start by downloading this free wellness guide, which will give you a feel for what to expect in my wellness club, or you can jump right in and schedule a health history call, where we’ll spend at least an hour getting clear on your wellness goals. By the end of the call, we’ll know if we’re a good fit or not and we’ll take it from there.

If you're looking for something else, I like the sound of voices that aren't mine, so instead of emailing me, give me a call at 347-927-2855.

But if you really, really want to email, I share deeply personal and intimate musings and experiences with folks who want to read stuff like that.

Your email gets my email.