Why We Need More Non-White Sex Ed Teachers via @wocshn @cosmopolitan

When it comes to sexual pleasure — and this is one of the arguments that the authors of that book said — the color of our skin doesn't impact whether or not we experience pleasure. And our argument was, "Heck, yeah, it does because some of us are murdered before we even get to experience sexual pleasure. Some of us are detained and assaulted and raped and incarcerated." So there's that idea, definitely rooted in this safe, white middle class space of, "I get access to the resources that I need and they're accessible at the level I'm able to read at." And that's just not the reality for many under-resourced communities. It's an error to think that our skin color doesn't impact [how we feel pleasure]. I also think about how there's shame around pleasure. This is something many people experience regardless of race, but there's shame specifically for women of color because we're either hyper-sexualized or seen as very virginal and pure. So that binary puts us in a position that we have to be forced to choose. We don't want to be name-called and isolated as a "slut," or stay married to a man and perpetuate the misogyny that men are supposed to know and teach women and women aren't supposed to know anything. If I ask you to tell me what you think a Latina looks like, people have a very specific image. It's very much rooted in a specific idea. That to me is a problem. We want people to imagine us with variety versus only having one or two stories that we create in our minds about who we are and what we do.

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