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Coaching and Facilitation for Creative Personal Growth, Health & Sustainability, and Asset-Based Community Building

Hello Darling, I’m Melissa Danielle.

I challenge artists, lovers, activists, and social entrepreneurs to play a bigger game for themselves in love, life, and business.

My clients are badass creatives who blur the lines between work and play, labor and leisure, education and recreation. They are game changers and catalysts in their fields and in their communities.

I’m the founder of Bed-Stuy Bounty, Honeybee Holistic, and NYLocavore.

Everyday, I’m moving closer to a lifestyle that values self-actualization, simple living, desire, rigorous honesty, deep emotional intimacy in every relationship, and unconditional sex. A world that says Hell Yes! to green smoothies, (fair-trade) chocolate, and bacon. A world that will make the existing model obsolete.

Join my online community, where you can read about my process and be the first to test out new courses and other resources for your personal growth.

Take your dating and relationships to a new level by reimagining your idea of monogamy.

Say Hell Yes! to your desires with one-on-one personal coaching.

True economic development is realized when residents have buy-in and are empowered to dream and execute their own solutions, not through top-down prescriptives from well-meaning saviors and poverty pimps. Foster cooperative self-reliance around food empowerment, emergency preparedness, and community building when you book a workshop work with me.

You can reach me by completing the form below or calling 347-927-2855.