Hello Darling!

Are you looking to take the guesswork out of healthy eating so you can feel good in your body and keep up with your life?
Are you a successful woman over 30 who wants to stop shaming and depriving yourself of food, sex, and intimacy so you can show up fully in your relationships?
Are you interested in building community around food, fostering farmer-eater, urban-rural, and people-outdoors connections?

I’m Melissa Danielle.

I’m a creative generalist, integrative nutrition health coach, community builder, and catalyst for self-health, continuous personal growth, and asset-based community development.

At the intersection of the arts, humanities, and sciences, I’ll be the one giving out hugs, eating a BLT, drinking a green smoothie, and tweeting about it.

I like to swear.

And chant.

A life enthusiast, I advocate for personal truth, radical honesty, pleasure, desire, self-care, local food, and living more with less.

I’m crunchy, but not all that communal.

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