Melissa DanielleI'm Melissa Danielle, coach, disruptor, and creative badass.

Welcome to my online home! I am currently supporting women over 35 with PCOS with conception, pregnancy, and postpartum online and in Hawaii.

Together, we're becoming the wildest and juiciest versions of ourselves. Below is a snippet of what I'm up to these days and I'd love for you to join me! To get updates via email, enter your details below. You can also follow me on twitter and instagram.

Melissa's New & Good

I've been playing this new board game made for women, by women, called Sparked! From soulful conversations, to juicy surprise and laugh-until-you-cry-moments, you never know what will be sparked!

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Fertility, Conception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Support

I support women over 35 with PCOS who are considering, trying to conceive, pregnant, and postpartum as an Integrative Nutrition & Women's Health Coach. I spend at least six months working 1on1 or in groups to help women improve their fertility so they can conceive naturally with minimal interventions. I work with women online and in person in Oahu.

PCOS Pregnancy Club | Full Spectrum Doula Services | Motherworthlove Mothercircle

Grow Your CommunityHow to Get Clients Without Marketing Funnels or Facebook Ads

You can build a thriving health coaching practice doing what you love without having to create or buy marketing funnels and Facebook ads. If you're a student or graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition or Integrative Women's Health Institute and want to grow your community in person and online, I have something for you.

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3 Steps to Building Your Integrative Women's Health PracticeLaunch or expand your health coaching practice with Integrative Women's Health Institute

If you're a health coach interested in supporting women's health in the areas of hormone balance, fertility, and pelvic health, the Women's Health Coach Certification Program is for you.


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Maternal Health is foundational to society's health

As a full-spectrum doula, I believe postpartum care and support is critical to the health and recovery of the birthing person. Learn how to create a nurturing and healing environment during the first three months of giving birth and beyond in this dynamic, online training.


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