Breathe On Purpose

What can 3 minutes do for your health and well-being?

Find out when you Breathe on Purpose.

Focused breathwork can help you to:

  • calm down and release stress
  • increase oxygen and blood flow to your lungs, organs, and systems
  • sleep peacefully
Breathe on Purpose with Melissa Danielle

Each week, Melissa will walk you through a breathwork technique that will show you how to consciously control your breathing, including long deep breathing, timed breathing, and other types of breathwork.

Wednesdays at 8:20PM ET

30 minutes via phone

Nonmembers, $7 / Members click here


You will receive call instructions after you complete your payment info. Please do not be late, as you will not get into the call once we’ve started.  There are no refunds for this session.


Try it now: The Relaxing Breath

Melissa Danielle is a Level I KRI Kundalini Yoga Instructor (Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan) and received her training under Guru Dharam Khalsa, Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa, Nirbhe Kaur, and Guracharan Singh Khalsa in 2004 at Universal Force Healing Center (now Naam Yoga).




  1. It was great to take time out of my evening to focus on my breath. I noticed my mind was quite busy and resistant. I judged myself about this for a moment, then I noticed my judgement and made a conscious decision to just focus on my breath and let go of the need to judge. It was helpful. I look forward to breathing more on purpose to achieve more moments of freedom from inner critic. Thank you for creating the space for me to do this, Melissa.

  2. Miracle of Miracles
    So, I was on the call with Melissa Danielle this evening, the yoga breathing call, and it’s amazing! I just woke up, after having slept maybe an hour after the call, which is a rare occurrence for me these days, as I’ve been sleeping during the day and staying up most not all thru the night! My body feels so calm since the breathing exercise and my lungs worked out and stretched so well that I got sleepy and knocked out! Also, I noticed something peculiar – while I was on the call with Melissa earlier I told her that I noticed that my left nostril was congested. She assured me that this is normal because as she put it, most people breathe more thru one of their nostrils throughout the day then the other and she invited me to start taking notice of this throughout my day by breathing in and out every once in a while and then covering each nostril separating to see which nostril’s the dominant one. Well, I’m having an experience right now where I’m breathing more deeply! In between my sleep and awake phases earlier tonight, I noticed I’m breathing in and out of my nostrils way more deeply and freely and it’s causing a joyful, blissful, happy feeling in me. My body is in ecstasy about this! The smell, which seems to be internal, is causing a turned on, orgasmic sensation in my heart! Thank you Melissa Danielle! As I said earlier to you, your calls are impactful, immediately, currently I’m going to go back to bed now, knowing that this practice is helping to heal my body & well being! Actually, correction, I’m going to go lay down on the yoga mat again, because I never made it to bed as sleepy as I am & became since after the call! And as promised Melissa Danielle, I did do a headstand after the call, which did assist me in feeling less lightheaded from the breathing we did!

  3. I did not know what to expect when I joined the Breath On Purpose call, but I was open to the experience. I am so glad I participated! I learned a lot about the importance of properly breathing and now I want to incorporate it more often into my daily schedule. After the call, I felt a real sense of peace and relaxation. My thinking was clearer and my thoughts about ideas I’d had in place about things in my life seemed to be more creative as well. I also noticed I felt more centered and slept very well that night. Thank Melissa for putting these calls together! Your Breath On Purpose calls are SUPER FANTASTIC! It really taught me how focusing on my breathe can shift so many things for me where I may have been feeling stuck.

  4. My nasal passage and sinus cavity felt like they were being stretched like calisthenics for the respiratory system. Thoroughly enjoyed the alternating nostril breathing and plan to use it daily. Thanks you Melissa Danielle.