Motherbaby Care

The doula relationship is a high touch, intimate relationship between a family and a trained birth support worker. While I primarily serve families in the postpartum period, I offer

  • mother wound healing
  • birth preference planning
  • integrative nutrition health coaching (lifestyle and nutrition guidance)
  • non-medical professional support as a full-spectrum doula (conception, pregnancy, labor, postpartum, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth)
  • breathwork and movement exercises for relaxation and to improve the pelvic floor
  • therapeutic massage
  • childbirth education
  • postpartum nest planning
  • and more!

These are services that can be offered throughout the entire childbearing year as a package or a la carte. The type of support varies, based on your existing level of support, availability, and desired outcome. I will fill in as needed to provide comprehensive continuity of care throughout your pregnancy and during the fourth trimester (the first three months after giving birth).

Within these roles, I want to make sure that you and your family are eating well, engaged in regular physical activity, making time for your creative and spiritual expression, that communication between you and your partner fosters intimacy and connection, and that we're all working together to create as peaceful and supportive an environment as possible for everyone so that you can have the experience that closely matches your desires for a healthy and happy birth and postpartum.

I will help you make informed choices throughout the course of your pregnancy and postpartum, refer you to additional support services and resources, and help you establish a high level of self-care, which includes setting boundaries for a strong and healthy family dynamic.

While I believe that everyone who wants it should have equal access to comprehensive motherbaby care, which includes physical and emotional support throughout the childbearing years, I understand that it is not financially accessible to many. I offer a sliding scale that ensures comprehensive care for you and a living wage for me. This works via a mutual understanding and engaged participation on your end in determining the level that you will contribute.

If you're ready to discuss working with me and find out if we're a good fit, give me a call at 347-927-2855 and we'll schedule an initial consultation.To determine your level of investment, please click here. From there, you will determine the fee that makes the most sense for you economically and ecologically. I will never ask you to qualify your finances with me, nor will I ask you to prove that the investment you've chosen aligns with your monthly income.

The Childbearing Year

One full year of ongoing support, wherever you are in your childbearing year (planning, childbirth education, pregnancy and labor support, postpartum, lactation support).


Your investment also includes one years' membership to my private, online mothercircle.

The Sacred Window

Three months of postpartum support includes pre-planning, breastfeeding support, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, and more.

40 hours of direct support during the first six weeks, followed by 24 hours of direct support during the next six weeks.


$1,250-3,500/3 months

Your investment also includes one years' membership to my private, online mothercircle.

Postpartum Per Diem

Postpartum support as needed in four-hour or overnight shifts during the fourth trimester.

This option is subject to availability, as priority is given to clients who book The Childbearing Year or the Sacred Window.

$108-250 per 4-hour shift / $250-500 per overnight shift

I work with 2 to 4 clients a month to ensure adequate spacing of birth dates and to prevent burnout.

Payment plans are available.