If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and have been told that you

  • are infertile
  • may have difficulty conceiving
  • need to lose weight to improve your chances of conceiving or be eligible for IVF treatments
  • have to take prescription drugs such as Metformin for insulin resistance and Clomid for ovarian production

And you’re doing all of this for at least six months and haven’t conceived and your symptoms have not improved, you’re in the right place.

Melissa Danielle, PCOS Health CoachI’m Melissa Danielle, PCOS & Women’s Health Coach and Full-Spectrum Doula. I know firsthand what it feels like to experience unexplained missed periods, hair growth in places you don’t want or need, weight gain that you can’t release no matter how hard you try, chronic fatigue, brain fog, acne, and other symptoms that seem like they’ve come out of nowhere.

If you’re beyond frustrated with the lack of support from your doctors, you’re not alone. PCOS is a misnamed and misunderstood illness whose dysfunction is metabolic, endocrine and perhaps even autoimmune in nature. Science is still trying to figure out the “chicken or egg” origin of the disorder, and only recently have found a genetic marker for lean PCOS (not accompanied by insulin resistance and excessive weight gain). There’s still a long way to go before we’ll have a cure.

Fertility is not just about making babies, it is one of the vital signs of overall health. If you’re unable to conceive, it means there’s an imbalance in the body. This imbalance is caused in part by your body’s inability to absorb and use nutrients properly. When you address this, you will see dramatic improvements to your symptoms.

So what can you do?

Click here to check out my PCOS Resource Guide

Next, follow my 10 steps to reversing your PCOS symptoms and increasing your chances of conception:

  1. Clarify your desires
  2. Create an environment that is conducive to conception
  3. Unpack and work through any traumas or wounds
  4. Increase your body literacy / Learn the Fertility Awareness Method
  5. Clean Up Your Diet / Improve your Gut Health so that you can reverse your PCOS symptoms
  6. Learn which supplements can help you build your body’s stores and prepare you for a healthy conception
  7. Take Your pleasure seriously
  8. Add pleasurable movement to your life
  9. Work with a naturopath and/or acupuncturist
  10. Surround yourself with women committed to their pleasure, growth, and sisterhood

As you can tell, this isn’t just about getting pregnant, this is about becoming the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Or as I like to frame it, becoming the wildest and juiciest version of yourself.

What does this look like?

As a woman’s health coach who primarily supports first time moms over 35 with PCOS and fertility, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum, I believe it’s important for women to build community with each other in real time. Whether in-person or online, women coming together in support of each other’s health and well-being is powerful and world changing.

If you’d like to join a group of women committed to turning their health around and creating an intentional conception and pregnancy journey, join me. Twice a month, I meet with women online via video conferencing and in person to offer individualized and group support on their PCOS to conception journey. We will spend a year together working through the ten steps I outlined above with clarity, commitment, and consistency.

During our time together, you will have access to a private online community, live calls, in-person gatherings, and more. I will share my personal recommendations that I use or am familiar with to help you on your journey (at additional cost).

The investment to work with me is $2500 paid in full for 12 months or $250 a month, billed automatically. Please consider this investment carefully and only sign up if you can do so without adding more stress to your life or straining your finances. This is a nonrefundable investment. 

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